Letter To Next Year’s Freshmen

Dear Ninth Graders,

       Hello, my name is Lisbeth! Some of you guys might know me from your 7th grade year. My freshman year I played starting point guard for varsity, it was a huge step for me. Basketball was the only thing that got me out of trouble and drama. I didn’t have drama all year and i had good grades, most f the time, but my freshman year went by really quick and fun. I’d say it’s had too because it’s a big step from  middle school. I survived freshman year because i asked for help from teachers, students and family. It’s not very easy to focus. To survive freshman year is having fun, but not too much, and staying out of drama. Drama is the main thing that can bring your whole freshman year down. By the way, your friends aren’t your friends focus on you and your sports. I would recommend to try out for a sports team or club. It can keep you on track or it can distract you.  Don’t trust any other people just keep them as associates. Freshman year sounds pretty difficult and scary,  but just remember stay focus and stay out of drama. Have Fun!!

Summer Catalog Poem

the bright shine in your face

the cold pools ready for you to get in

the sand in your toes

the loud music

the longer nights

the water balloon fights

the cold drinks

the waterparks

the cookouts

all this makes up a perfect summer.

Commenting Game

I visited “ A Dreamer’s World” .  I commented because I like animals and it seemed interesting.  I also visited “ Mary’s Blog.” I commented because I wanted to learn more about Mary.  I commented on “Conquer” a post on Judit’s blog. I commented on her blog it had a strong message about her struggles.  I commented on “ Racism” . I commented on it because it’s a worldwide problem. I enjoyed the “ I can’t breath” because Kobe Bryant was part of it. I commented on my best friends post “ My Favorite Sport”. I commented because i enjoy hearing about people’s favorite sport.  


What do you think of when someone says basketball? I think about me doing something I love. I also think of something really important to me. Basketball clears my head of anything. Basketball can be something i can be do and be happy and have fun. I can have so many things on my mind and i touch a basketball and I don’t remember anything.

Basketball reminds me of my brothers. My brother play basketball too. I feel honored when i play with them because they were the ones that taught me and trained me.  My brothers and I play or played for FHHS, Franklin Heights High School.  When my oldest brother played for FHHS I used to love coming to his games. MY brothers mean the world to mean and I would thank them for letting me play basketball with them.

If you haven’t noticed basketball is my life. I have n life without basketball. I play basketball 24/7.  I legit play basketball, eat, sleep, and go  to school. I don’t know where I would be without basketball in my life.  I want to play basketball in college but i need to work harder. My dream schools to play for are UCLA , OSU, or ODU. Basketball is life!!!

Schottenstein Center Photo courtesy:  http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/facilities/schottenstein-center.html

Mi Familia

There is 5 people in my family.  My parents and my oldest brother are from Dominican Republic. Me and my other older brother were born in New York, New York.  I have 2 older brothers. Me and my brothers get along sometimes. We all 3 play basketball. My older brother played for Franklin Heights and me and my other brother play for Franklin Heights now. We all enjoy playing basketball and spending time with each other.  W spend most of our time playing basketball. We love basketball. Basketball is in our family.  look up to my brothers and follow some of their foot steps.  My brother can also get annoying but I love my brothers a lot. My parents are the biggest influences I have. They teach me what’s right and wrong.  I’m more comfortable with my mom than my dad. I look more like my mom  but then like my dad. We also have a puppy that’s part of our family. His name is Rocky. Rocky is 9 months old. Rocky is very energetic and annoying sometimes.  Rocky is a brown and black yorkie and shih tzu.  Rocky is a loving and loud dog at times.  These are some things about my family. I love my family.

Global Water Crisis


It’s hard to imagine us without water. There billions of people without water or without good water.  Theres about 332 million people in africa without a water source, ” The Water Crisis Leaves Millions Without Safe Water”  We can’t stand a chance without water. how do you think the other people feel like? Based on , “What are the effects of water shortages? ” , having no water can effect your health, hunger, education, and poverty. According to,What is Water Scarcity? , more diseases can be accessed without water and without having clean water. this can be deadly and can many things. Don’t waste your water on foolish things, use it wisely!

How to Comment

As people say commenting is  very simple some still do it wrong. Don’t be rude in your comments and be nice or helpful.  In your comment have a positive statement . You can also have a question. Use grammar good. Comments are just like words.

Black Mountain College

I am a black painting hanging on the wall, no meaning, no words. 

I am soft and rough looking texture in the middle, hard, and bumpy.

I am a bold, strong color.

I am visible, unuseful piece.

Take a glance at me and just look away….don’t mind me…

I am a dark black spot on a bright colored wall.

Can’t see me at night….bump into me and I’ll leave a scare.

I am quiet but powerful.

Might think I’m harmless but just touch me and I’ll leave a cut.

I am unknown in a world with bright colors.

I am symmetrical.

See white spots left that’s just showing the inside of me.

I am dark like the night blooming.

No stars just dark colors.

Image result for Artistonia night blooming

 “Night Blooming”  By: Artistonia 


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